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Senior Aide Program

Being over 55 should mean being in "Prime-Time". More and more employers are convinced that older workers are likely to be even more valuable than younger workers- responsible, productive, and ready to learn the new skills that are in demand.

To promote the value of older workers, the National Council on Aging and the U. S. Department of Labor provide a training program through the Senior Aide Program. Many seniors in DeKalb County have taken advantage of this community employment training to help them find jobs, increase their income, and learn new skills.

To qualify, a person must be 55 or older; have a household income of no more than 25% over the federal poverty level; out of work; or has trouble finding a suitable job.

Once the person qualifies for the program and completes a health check-up, he/she is assigned to a local community agency. A part-time work schedule of 20 hours per week at minimum wage is offered to the senior.

Gradually the worker's new job skills grow stronger and the worker advances to new responsibilities. The local aging program job monitor helps the worker find permanent employment, which is not subsidized by the federal government.

For more information concerning the senior employment program call the DeKalb County Council on Aging at (256) 845-8590, or e-mail us at:

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